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Village Visit Activities & Packages

Kumbalanghi Village Visit Activities

A visitor can experience a variety of village activities in Kallanchery which is a satellite island of Kumbalanghi. Some of the activities going around here are Coir Yarn Processing, Copra processing, Crab Farming, Clam meat processing, Chinese Net operation, Net making, Weaving Coconut Leaves, Country Boating, Casting of Nets, Groping of Fish.


Kumbalanghi Village Visit Packages

Our village visit package make your soul transpire through your gleaming eyes and tour the country and bring the wealth of tranquility in to your mind. At the end you will know that the nature cares for you.

F.I.T. Packages ( 4 hours)


Special Packages for Ship and High end Groups


Experience the village life

Welcome to Kumbalanghi Village Tours

Kumbalanghi is a lush green village of Cochin. It is declared as the first model fisheries and tourism village of India which has its own tradition and culture. Most of the villagers are engaged in agriculture and fishing. The village is 16 Sq.Km in area and surrounded by backwaters and paddy fields.

A ring of Chinese fishing nets literally encircle the island–village bearing witness to the rich aquatic life. An array of mangroves separate land from water providing a breeding ground for prawns, crabs, oysters and small fishes. The village is home to fishermen, farmers, labourers, toddy tappers and coir spinners all alike.