About Kumbalanghi

Kumbalanghi - a lush green village of Cochin –a village declared as the first model fisheries and tourism village of India –a village with its own tradition and culture- a village unique in the way it has maintained its serenity ,beauty ,tradition and culture to the fullest extent with most of the villagers over here engaged in agriculture and fishing.

Kallanchery island, a salellite island of Kumbalanghi ,provides our guests a wonderful opportunity to relax ,refresh and rejuvenate with the lush green ,serene and pollution free atmosphere and at the very same time to get acquainted with the natural and traditional village activities going on peacefully in the Island. Our village visit package gives you a very healthy, hygeinic and homely village life with all its serenity- a feel quite unique in the way it is designed to make our guests enjoy the care and protection offered by Mother Nature.


If your option is to enjoy the serenity of the backwaters, the hospitality and love of the innocent villagers, and at the very same time  get acquainted with  the traditional village activities in a very homely and comfortable ambience ...,best choice is to join us.; you can acquaint yourself with the traditional ties and bonds of love of a traditional Kerala village,feel for yourself the 'atidhi devo bhava' attitude beautifully blended in Indian culture. At the very same time, you are provided with all modern facilities and privacies which are condition precedents for a comfortable tour..The picturesque beauty of the village with  Chinese fishing nets on the shores, fresh air, the lush green atmosphere, unique natural features and vegetation of the Island…..Experience and enjoy the serene , hygenic, unpolluted and ofcourse rejuvenating village tour with the added flavour of security and warmth of 'BEING IN A HOME'