Kallanchery island, a salellite island of Kumbalanghi,  provides our guests  a wonderful opportunity to  relax ,refresh and rejuvenate themselves with the lush green ,serene and pollution free atmosphere  and at the very same time get themselves acquainted with the natural and traditional village activities going on peacefully in the Island. Our village visit package gives you a very healthy, hygeinic and  homely village experience  with all its serenity- a feel quite unique in the way it is designed to make our guest enjoy the care  and protection offered by Mother Nature.

We offer our guests the privilege to choose from the three packages according to their convenience ., fooding options  and  aesthetic priorities

The packages we offer our valued guests are   Individual Package  ;  CruiseShip and Group package ;  Sunset cruise with Dinner –all the three package options available for both morning and evening  time segments. Morning time segment starts at 10am and the evening one starts at 4 pm-the guests given the privilege also to choose between the two time segments


Individual Package

Individual Package  is offered to an individual or a group of individuals not more than  10 in number . Guests are offered a warm and cordial welcome  at Kallenchery Island with the serene ,healthy , refreshing and rejuvenating tastes of  tender coconut drink. To know about itinerary

Cruise ship and group package

Cruise Ship package are normally organised for cruise-line/group which come to Kochi for short visit where in about 160 persons can be entertained at a time

. More tinerary details

Sunset cruise with Dinner

Sunset cruise is ideal for those who like to spent evening watching sunset, see changing of sky color at evening. Trip begins at 5:30 PM with arrival on Kallanchery island, then we set off for relaxing cruise around island, followed by candle light dinner. To know more

Bed & Breakfast

'Come Home and Stay Home' with a real sense of intimacy and owning at ANNA'S HOMESTAY,at Kumbalanghi,the lush green location, just 12 km away from the heart of the city of Kochi. One of the well rated homestays of Ernakulam District, Anna's Homestay holds its place among the top ten homestays ( HATS REVIEW), to know more  visit