Cruise ship and Group Package

This package is normally offered and organised for cruise line/group coming to Kochi for a short visit where in about 160 persons can be entertained at a time

*The  Cruise ship and Group Package can be done either in the  morning  or  in the evening ; the morning session ending up with lunch and the evening session  ending up with dinner.


  • Boat riding in the big country boat (provided with chairs and caps)
  • Arrival at Kallanchery island and receiving with tender coconut
  • Visit Crab farm
  • Watching coir yarn making
  • Watching coconut leaves weaving
  • Visiting the agriculture farm (about 12 acres) and see different type of plantations (coconut, betel nuts, pepper, jack fruit, nut meg, anthurium, orchids, vanilla etc.), water harvesting ponds and bio-gas plants.
  • Watching Chinese fishing nets
  • Lunch at the backwater front hall
  • Departure

Menu for Lunch

  • Prawns roast
  • Fish molly
  • Aappam
  • Rice
  • Vegetables (3 items)
  • Curd curry,
  • Papad
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Baby Banana 
  • Pineapple cuts
  • Mineral water

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